My American School  has a  mission  to serve as a bridge between the international community and the United States.  We help overseas students to find schools in United States and place them in American homestays.  We also run English camps in the summer and winter months.

My American School, founded in 2008 by Dr. Matt and Grace Soeter, has partnered with Christian K-12 schools in establishing and operating International Student Programs (ISPs) in a number of schools in Southern California. In addition, we have Partner Schools all over the US, interested in developing sister school relationships, and education of internationals. The MAS California Adventure Camps, in the Summer and during Chinese Spring Festival ( Winter), provide an excellent opportunity to stay with an American family and improve English language while having lots of fun. We also offer a more serious academic camp, our American University Admission Camp at Clemson University on the East Coast.

Student Placement is guaranteed for virtually all students, at either one of the MAS Partner Schools, or for a few students, at the MAS English Institute (MEI). MEI is designed for students needing to improve their ESL abilities while taking a few classes at a Partner School. MAS Homestays are at the heart of our work, because they are so important to a student’s success. We have “written the book” on what makes for a good homestay from both the student and host family perspective, and have trained numerous schools on their own programs.

High schools are now following the example in higher education by entering the international education world, and are eager to connect with schools overseas. If interested in becoming an MAS Partner School, or improving your International Student Program, please contact us for free consultation and potential listing. The MAS Sister School Program is free, and whether you are a school in the US or overseas, we can help you take your international program to the next level. And either as a part of the sister school program or independently, our Short-Term Cultural Exchange Trips to China can be a great way to make a difference for God while making friends.


With our research of more than 100 schools around the US, we know their strengths and special advantages. We’re experts at helping students and families find the school which is best for them personally.

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Some students are not quite ready to be mainstreamed in an American classroom. Unfortunately, most American private schools are not prepared for an intensive English program, so MAS EI is a program alongside a regular school, so that students may spend at least half their time in intensive English.

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We’ve had many years of experience in placing over 500 year long students and over 2500 short term campers. Few things are more important to a student’s experience and success than the homestay. In fact, many families are making their choice of school based first on a reputable homestay program.

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Our camps offer English Classes in the morning and exciting activities and outings in the afternoon. Qualified ESL teachers combine interactive lessons focused on English conversation with examples of every day American culture.

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